Linux based appliance server software for small organisations

What is it?

The "Kraftwurfel" is a linux based appliance server for use in small
organisations, which can be administered with an easy-to-use and good
looking web interface. The focus of the administration interface is to
offer a good chosen subset of the service's features to the administrator

The Kraftwurfel's target audience are medium skilled network administrators,
it's for sure not made for Linux/Unix Geeks (They are better off with a
bare Linux distribution).

Behind the surface of the web based administration and user interface
is a expandable software architecture build around a database, which
holds the all configuration information.


As of today the Kraftwurfel offers:

+ Internet access for users on the LAN
Proxy, SNAT, arbitrary ports...

+ Firewall / Support for public Server ports in the LAN
DNAT, Most of the firewall configuration is automatically derived
from other configuration decisions.

+ CIFS/SMB File server
File server and domain controller for Windows users

+ Centralised account management
Create a user once, use it with mail, workstations, vpn, etc.

+ Mail server
SMTP Mail server for incoming mail, relaying for users on the LAN,
POP3 harvesting service

+ Web mail
For colleges on the road.

+ VPN access to LAN
Access to the organisation's LAN for home workers

+ optional backup solution
Backup to a USB tape drive

+ optional anti virus software ( _NOT GPL'd_ )

+ seamless integrated DHCP server

Software Architecture

Most of the software is written in perl. On the surface is the implementation
of the web based administration forms, which rely on the admin.pm module.

Admin.pm is the back-end of the web part. It carries out the database
modifications and triggers the system part.

The system part's task is to generate the daemon's configuration files
and restarts them if necessary. It's front-end is powerc.pl which
figures out which daemons needs to be reconfigured. Each powerc_*.pl
back-end module looks after one daemon.

On which hardware does it run?

Since the software was designed to be sold preinstalled with hardware it is currently tied to that specific hardware configuration:

1 realtek card / Friz isdn card / cyclades pc300 -- internet connectivity
1 eepro100 ethernet card -- LAN
1 serial matrix orbital display with keypad (BLK202A)[for configuring ip address]


There is an online demo available. You can reach it here!

Kraftwurfel Version 1.00.45

If you are interested in the complete system please go here (This is a german website!)