CUBiT Mission Statement (engl.)
what we did and what we want to do

CUBiT IT Solution Mission Statement

Founded in 1999, CUBiT IT focusses on providing Open Source technology to large enterprise envrionments. Our solutions integrate into a managed, virtualized enterprise IT environment, without loss of the tempting OpenSource flexibility.

Our professionel services include, but are not limited to, OpenSource Software consulting and selection, customization ("patching"), installation and integration. Then we can continue with availability-assurance-services such as monitoring, support, and, in some cases, full operation.
We assist our clients in running their business with OpenSource technology, providing flexible and cost-effective solutions to their datacenter and departmental IT requirements.

Added infrastructure know-how such as Networking (high performance highly available local ethernets and highly available WAN), Storage (FibreChannel, SCSI, iSCSI and NAS) and virtualization complete our specialized portfolio.

We work with (but not limited to) NetworkAppliance, Brocade, QLogic, Emulex, HP, IBM (EVA, MSA and DS storage servers), CISCO and Enterasys to team their hardware and solutions with RedHat, SuSE, Mandriva and Debian Linux versions.

Mission critical IT needs monitoring as well. As the first and most-experienced European integrator of NAGIOS, we can easily leverage the power and flexibility of this Network-and-Service.Monitoring tool to the enterprise and carrier world. Many successful implementation and consulting jobs in the last 5 years show our experience and commitment to 100% managed operations.

We offer a selection of NAGIOS plugins to connect to popular enterprise applications and infrastructure components.

Virtualization with XEN, vSERVER, Usermode Linux and VMware brings flexibility and availability to todays data centers. Progressing into a manageable world utilizing current hardware's computing power we have developed best practices and tunings for the Linux based virtualization tools (including VMware ESX).

In various projects we have also utilized our software development group. We can custom-implement specific solutions to special problems, including very strategic software components that accelerates and improves our clients core business as well.

We work 24x7 with customers on projects ranging from deparments and small enterprises up to national and international solutions. Please see our references section for details on past project sucesses.

Please do not hesitate to contact us!

Paul Witta

Phone: +43-1-7189880-0